This is FRINGE and I’m at the edge, on the periphery of my understanding and on the brink of being overwhelmed. I’m coming up against the fringe. It shimmers at the edge of excess, “doing more than is necessary for the sake of delight”, but is also in the fray, exposed and exposing. Blurred, disorientating edges. The performers push themselves to operate at this edge, the fine line between the stage light and the dark eyes of the audience, at the fibrous surface of the text on the paper, and I am drawn emphatically to meet them there. Yet here, meeting at FRINGE, makes the gap between us more tangible, more distressing. How can I respond in kind?


FRINGE was a programme of performances, events and published materials reclaiming the fringe as a place of power. Commissioned by Dance Umbrella, the programme was curated by Bellyflop Magasine and took place over 5, 6, 12 & 18 October at three London venues. Written in response to the opening night at Central St Martins, At Fringe, was published on Bellyflop Magasine. Read it here.




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